Woody & Peanut


Woof! My name is Woody! Welcome to my website.

I’m what is known as a “hybrid” or “designer dog” because my parents were both purebreds. My mom is a Tibetan Spaniel and my dad is a Beagle.

Andi and Sue think this combination is why people still mistake me for a cute little puppy, even though I’m 7 years old. Something about my slightly shorter legs, ears and snout compared to a Beagle makes them turn around and say, “Oh how cute! How old is your puppy?” I am only 11 inches tall at the shoulders and smart as a whip!

Below is mommy Peanut. She is a 13” purebred Beagle. She’s the mother of some of the cutest little puppies the world has ever seen and I’m the proud father! They were born on New Year’s Day! Woof!

We are looking for great homes for our puppies. They’ll grow up to be darling little house dogs and will be ready for adoption to good homes with fenced in yards in mid-March.

Please check out the photos and Peanut’s blog to see what is going on at our house.

To the left you can see one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. My owners thought it was cute how Peanut kissed me and you can clearly see how I feel about this!

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